Monday, 10 December 2012

mix - @Pitch Black, Prague, CZ (29.09.2012)



evan caminiti - dreamless sleep (b3) becoming pure light
possession - the thin, white arms (a1) distortion
deadbeat - eight (f) horns of jericho
lodbrok - feukt call (b2) oil (and remix)
shifted - control (a1) control
reeko - ella episodio 1 (a) segmento 1
the black dog - liber kult book 1 ov 3 (aa) bass mantra
developer - revisited (07) corridor
siege - black hollow (01) manuoevre
advanced human - boiler (a1) original mix
coefficient - curvature (02) intrinsic vector (part 2)
grovskopa - mika et al (a1) ragnarok
modeselektor - modeselektion vol.02 ep (a) maik the chicken
basic channel - phylyps trak ii (a) phylyps trak ii/i
advanced human - boiler (b2) forward strategy group remix
substance & vainqueur - remixes chapter 1 (b) immersion (sleeparchive remix)
hagalaz - maerc deorc mona (01) dael 1
l.s.g. - cellular the mixes (b2) max reich old time mix
developer - orgins (a1) take the key
joey beltram - the start it up remix (b) technasia remix
robert hood - obey/resurrection (a) obey
ignacio - sikora (a) sikora
shifted - crossed paths (d1) lexis
surgeon - klonk (b1)
sikora - holzwurm (a) tribalizer
ch-signal laboratories (8003 lucerne) - hypnotica scale (b) scale 2
developer - programma (a2) programma (truncate remix)
dadub - collateral various artists selection iii (04) groove insomnia
radiohead - tkol rmx6 (a) good evening mrs magpie (modeselektor rmx)
the black dog - liber chaos book ov aiwass (b1) black chamber order (blawan remix)
laurie anderson - big science (b1) o superman (for massenet)
aleksi perala - boom blaster (03) longing
violetshaped - the remixes part 1 (b1) delusory parasitosis (vatican shadow remix)
scanone - andromeda (a2) adj remix
alpha code - zeitgeist 0.0 (04) zeitgeist 0.4
silent servant - negative fascination (a2) invocation of lust
planetary assault systems - simulated usage/mod (b) mod
darqwan - said the spider/flashing light (a) said the spider (surgeon remix)
blawan - his he she &she (a1) why they hide their bodies under my garage?
surgeon - floorshow part ii (b1)
redshape - 2010 (a) 2010
o/v - substance vol. 1 (b) kes
jeroen liebregts - killer door (a2) donau
modeselektor - 50 weapons of choice #2-9 (a1) art & cash (sbtrkt remix)
monolake - alaska remixes (a) surgeon remix
tiga - gentle giant remixes (a1) martyn's heaven remix
evan caminiti - dreamless sleep (a2) bright midnight


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