Saturday, 18 August 2012

mix - @Orlando, Dubrovnik (06.08.2010)




f - energy distortion part 1 (b) energy distortion (untold remix)
british murder boys - father loves us (aa) be like i am
scanone - every seventh bullet (b2) belfaster
jeroen liebregts - killer door (a2) donau
reeko - palicavonzvreca 08 (b2) ribbon
regis - montreal (a) speak to me
robert hood - hoodmusic 1 (a1) razr
british murder boys - don't give way to fear (a)
the aphex twin - the aphex twin ep (b2) afx2
thom yorke - the eraser rmxs iii (a1) the clock (surgeon remix)
james ruskin - into submission (b1) paranoia
surgeon - floorshow part ii (b1)
grovskopa - hoogspanning (04) man whisperer (oliver kucera remix)
inigo kennedy - melting pots (02) pressure point
paul damage - arciform (b2)
grovskopa - seventh seal (a) jauhar (oscar mulero remix)
joton - newrhythmic 9 (b2) connected with the world
reeko - psychiatric hospital (a)
reeko - youth violence (a)
british murder boys - learn your lesson (a) learn your lesson
ancient methods - third method (a1) else (ugandan methods mix)
whitehouse - bird seed (c1) cut hands has the solution
planetary assault systems - temporary suspension (c) om the def
ancient methods vs. adam x - cardiac dysrhythmia (b2) mital regurgitation (ancient methods mix)
surgeon - screw the roses (a1) prowler
makaton - animal worship (d1) black country
archae & grovskopa - brotherly effort (b) circling over me
moderat - moderat (a3) seamonkey
f - energy distortion part 1 (a) energy distortion (original)
christian wunsch - seleccion natural pt.5 (b2) sacred geometry
function - substance vol.1 (a) montage
grovskopa - croatian techno sluts (b2) duct tape jelena (reeko remix)
go hiyama - realization (a1) thought
paul damage - arciform (b1)
wavemother - my hands your neck (a1) marathon


boss/radial - cooperation (b1) we don't know either
british murder boys - all the saints have been hung (b2) anti inferno
agony forces - seventh seal (b2) oramics
claude young - the altamirian (b2) how is your dna? (james ruskin rework)
grovskopa - sex and violins (a) original mix
oscar mulero - implant (a) 46 (regis antaganists mix)
dino sabatini - daughter of phorsys (a) stheno
jeroen liebregts - hunter/grazer (a2) sinecure remix
radial - firm to farm part 2 (b2) a child can do the laundry
grovskopa - emergent properties (b1) grow lighter
smear - export order (b1) boystown
kritical audio - elektronische unterhaltungsmusik 1 (a1) spandex
grovskopa - emergence seven (a) strapped on luka
surgeon - whose bad hands are these? part 1 (b2) autechre remix
exium - seleccion natural pt. 5 (a1) after exposure
function - interdiction (a) semantics
i1 ambivalent - blazar 3c 273 (01) uncreate
non - god & beast (07) out out out
reeko - sangre (a1)
tres demented - demented (a1) demented (or just crazy)
regis - penetration (a1) get on your knees
archae & grovskopa - emergent properties (a2) choleric
planetary assault systems - temporary suspension (a) x speaks to x
surgeon - klonk (a1)
hek - poppadom preach (b) female remix
Ø [phase] - morodem (a) hts mix
Ø [phase] - morodem remixes (a1) ben sims remix 1
surgeon - british murder boys (a) death before surrender
alexander kowalski - you think you know/emtec remixes (b) emtec (deconstructed  by the british murder boys)
oscar mulero - 1996/nothing to prove (b) nothing to prove


mix - Midsummer Session (19.06.2010) BSide Radioshow



The Black Dog - Music For Real Airports (D8) Future Delay Thinking; somatbd003, 2010
Stewart Walker - Scratched Notes (A2) Shipwrecked; curle026, 2010
Michaelangelo - Subconscious Mind Control (b) Shapeshifter; labrynth14, 2010
Female - Sandwell District (03) Blood Tide (Regis mix); ffcd01, 2011
Pattern Repeat - 00/2 (B); patternrepeat002, 2010
Silent Servant - The Silent Morning (A2) Death To The Traveller; sd05, 2006
Cub - C U 1 (B) UST Remix; cub01, 2010
Architectural - Architectural 02 (B1); arch02, 2010
Jeff Mills - Sleeper Wakes (06) Satellite Retrieval / The Occurrence; xecd-1122, 2009
Obtane - Alpha Sampler (01) Now I Am Blind And I Can See You; sadig001, 2009
D. Dozzy & Nuel - Untitled (D1); aquaplano1111, 2009
Function - Mi Estudio/Two Ninety One (02) Two Ninety One; clr030, 2010
Orphx - Black Light (a) Stillpoint; sg1039, 2010
Robert Hood - Omega (08) The Family Watches; m.pm8cd, 2010
Xhin - Fixing The Error // Link (03) Link; sa002, 2009
Basic Soul Unit - Lotus Roots (B2) Virgo Mood; mathematics-019, 2008
Christian Morgenstern - Hawaii Blue (B1) Hawaii Blue (Heiko Laux Remix); frt08, 2000
Inigo Kennedy - A Crooked Usage (01) Torture Your Mind; asymp3017, 2010
Paul Damage - Arciform (A); jact005, 2010
Radial - Firm To Farm EP Part 2 (B1) Like A House; prruk065, 2008
Christian Wunsch - Palicavonzvreca 08 (A2) Floods; pvc08, 2010
Traversable Wormhole - Traversable Wormhole Vol 6 (B) Paradoxical Consequences; tw06, 2010
Dettmann | Klock - Scenario (B) Scenario; o-ton11, 2007
Raíz - Raíz (A) Raíz (Nueva); h&v004, 2010
Pfirter - Mi Estudio/Two Ninety One (01) Mi Estudio; clr030, 2010
Inigo Kennedy - The Shard (B) Marcel Dettmann Remix; token14, 2010
Robert Hood - Minimal Nation (E) Sleep Cycle; m.pm1, 2009
The Black Dog - The Vexing Remixes (B1) Skinclock (Silicone Soul Mix); soma279, 2010
John Dahlbäck - World Of Love (A) Club Mix; nwi291mix2008, 2008
Four Tet - There Is Love In You (A2) Love Cry; wiglp254, 2010