Wednesday, 27 August 2014

mix - Breaking Point Podcast #15 (01.08.2014)


Nosaj Thing - Drift (B1) Light #1; apr-025, 2009
Monolake - Alaska Melting (B) Melting; ml020, 2006
Grovskopa - Late (A1) They Made Me Do It; immo001, 2005
The Parallel - Structure (A2) Interface; sig003, 2012
Peter Gual - Crits D'Uralita (04) Altres Ilums; antiritmo014, 2007
James Ruskin - Into Submission (C2) Dilemma; tresor.173, 2001
Shufflemaster - EXP (C2) P.F.L.P.; tresor.167, 2001
The Black Dog - We Are Sheffield (01) Tunnels OV Set (Crookes Mix); soma267, 2009
Radial - Deleted Scenes (B1) Smoking Kills (Rumenige & Loktibrada Remix); prruklp001, 2008
Infiniti - Game One 2007 Remixes Part Two (B) Roberto Bosco Remix; nv001.5, 2007
Ø [Phase] - Transantarctic (A2) Dome Argus; token18, 2011
Luka Baumann - For Whom The Bells Toll (B2) Back To Forth (Re-Edit); sect2, 2008
Miller & Keane - Underwater Fireworks (A2) Depth Charge; sculpt008, 2007
Fishermen - Fishermen (B1) Isopod; skudge-w01, 2012
A n D - Hydrothermal (B) Lights Down; idle008, 2011
Radial - Deleted Scenes (D2) Revolver (Oscar Mulero Remix); prruklp001, 2008
P.E.A.R.L. - Hideout (04) Break Affection; aar039, 2011
Casual Violence - Why So Few (A1) Briefly Sexual; afterltd001, 2009
Reeko - Momentum (A) Momentum; polegroup/011, 2012
Trolley Route - Form Factor (A1) X-Ray; cr004, 2010
Scuba - Tracers/On Deck Remixes (A) Tracers (Deadbeat Remix); tri003, 2010
Elektrabel - TRX12 Remixes (03) Peal The Band Brutak Remix; ltp006, 2011
Vandross - Hurt Me, I' Waiting (B2) Regis Mix; sc02, 2002
Ctrls - Charge (B2) Rich Oddie Remix; token44, 2014
Tadeo - Unknown Landscapes Vol.I (16) They So; polegroup021, 2013
Emptyset - Altogether Lost (A) SCB Edit; cvan015, 2011
Peter Horrevorts - Evolver (D2) You Look But You Don't See; ka138, 2007
ESS - VA EP 001 (B2) Orbit; sig006, 2014
Delta Funtionen - Silhouette (A) Original; 79dsr/dft1, 2009
Headhunter - Lost Prophet (B) Chasing Dragons; idle004, 2010
Surgeon - Floorshow Part I (B1); cbx013, 2006
Exium - Planet Rhythm 74 (B2) Awake; prruk74, 2010
Joton - Landing (B1) Supermotard; nr05, 2008
Charlton - Chaotic Behaviour (A2) Hypersalivation; mord002, 2013
Fishermen - Patterns And Paths (C2) Rise; skudgewlp01, 2013
British Murder Boys - Father Loves Us (A) Father Loves Us; cbx011, 2005
Modeselektor - Monkeytown (C3) Green Light Go; mo15lp, 2011
Kritical Audio - Krupp (A1) Krupp; cm004, 2006


Saturday, 26 October 2013

mix - Somersault (16.10.2013) DARKFLOOR In Session 030



Mock & Toof - Walking The Streets (A) Legowelt Remix; tinc008, 2013
Inigo Kennedy - The Bigger Picture (C1) Body Electric; missilelp3, 2001
Julien & Gonzague - Nobba (B2) Research 19; mir015, 2006
Radial - Metalinvader (B2) Bone Collection; after001, 2008
Funk D'Void - Bad Coffee (B) Slam No Sugar Mix; soma052, 1997
Surgeon - Hello Oslo (A1) Screw The Roses; cbx015, 2009
RNG - Links In The Chain (C) Badge Of Honor; 4w-45011, 2000
The Black Dog - The Return Ov Bleep (A2) Bleep Five; dustv036, 2013
Voidloss - The Sinister Dialectic (01) Adramelech; labd039, 2009
The Vision - Toxin 12 (B1) A 472.0; hw007, 1992
Reeko - Empirical Science (A) Cyberpunk; polerecs/007, 2011
AnD - The Black Ideal (C2) Reinforcement G; precept001, 2013
The Subjective - Tremmer/Critical (03) Tremmer (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix); rot97009, 2008
Unspecified Enemies - Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit (B) Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit (City Of Quartz Remix); nmbrs22, 2012
Trade - Sheworks 005 (A2) Positive Neckline; sheworks005, 2013
Puresque - Vor Leitmotiv (B1) Spinnenwabe; tresor.248, 2011
Technetium - Holzig (B1) Ben Sims Mustard Remix; trq004, 2013
Boys Noize - Ich R U/What You Want Remixes (B1) What You Want (Jimmy Edgar Remix); bnr094, 2013
Tyree Cooper - Da Soul Revival (A1) Da Butt '95; cos011, 1995
DHS - House Of God (A) Azzido Da Bass Remix; dhs, 2001
Grovskopa - Ensimmäinen Runo (B1) Grow Lighter (Ronin Remix 2); poh001, 2006
Smear - Export Order (B1) Boystown; mnx011, 2009
Paul Bailey - 126a (A1) Multiball; semantica01, 2006
Inigo Kennedy - Cathedral (B1) Chamber; token27, 2013
Go Hiyama - Discreet Marble (05) Common Blank (OM Rmx 2nd Edit); wu032, 2013
Forward Strategy Group - The New Formal (B) Code#3; tpt058, 2013
Planetary Assault Systems - Simulated Usage/Mod (B) Mod; fig.16, 2008
Heiko Laux - Re-Televised (A) Re-Televised #1; missile37, 1998
Inigo Kennedy - Distant Circles (01) Albedo; asymp3020, 2011
Shufflemaster & Box Blaze - Deck Shark Series 2 (A2) Scraperz; spa006, 1999
Oliver Kucera - The Privilege Of Being Human (04) Controlled Substances; nrd003, 2012
Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These? Part II (B1) Bad Hands Break Part II; dtr009, 2007
Jeff Mills - The Purpose Maker (B1) Reverting; ax-11, 1995
Voidloss - The Sun Broke Inside Us (04) Unwritten; sin002, 2008
Visco Space - The Class Of '84 (C1) Be Good To Me; ksq013lp, 2000
Disco Nihilist - From One Place To Another (B2) SH101 Acid; cp-002, 2010
Karenn - Untitled (A) Studio 3; blpgrn001, 2012
Paul Birken - Midwest Whippersnappers (A2) Acid Youth Of Malibu; ear003, 2012
Surgeon - Screw The Roses (B3) Shaper Of The Unknown; cbx008, 2001
DK8 - Murder Was The Bass (A) Original; dk8, 2003
A Sagittariun - Born Under 22 Stars (A2) Cyrranus 247; e-dreams004, 2012


Monday, 11 March 2013

mix - Breaking Point First Anniversary Promo Mix (04.03.2013)



Shackleton - Music For The Quiet Hour (01) Part 1; septiccdbox1, 2012
Skirt - Bitten By The Black Dog (A) Collider (Bitten By The Black Dog); hg013, 2012
James Ruskin - Take Control (B1) Original; bpltd01, 2005
Go Hiyama - Two From 20 Latter Halfs (A1) Machine For Rest; aar025, 2007
The Advent - T.R.I.N.I.T.Y. (06) Tresor West (CD Mix); tresor.291, 2005
Stingrays - Counter Pulse Series 5 (B1) A Strange Footprint Of The Unknown; cp005, 2012
Morphic Wave - Pursuit (B) Afraid; resiliens001, 2012
Mondkopf - Ease Your Pain Remixes (01) Fading Rainbow (Kangding Ray Remix); ip005, 2012
Substance & Vainqueur - Remixes Chapter 1 (A2) Emerge 1 (British Murder Boys Remix 2); sv03, 2007
T-Power - Electric Kingdom Episode One (02) Interstate; wordd10, 1999
A Sagittarium - Born Under 22 Stars (A1) Wind Tunnel; e-dreams004, 2012
Benjamin Damage - Swarm/Headache (A) Swarm; 50weapons023, 2012
Drugstore - Remembrance (21) Lightworker; trust002, 2013
Barker & Baumbecker - Remixes (A2) Silo (Kobosil Remix); o-ton62, 2013
Tony Rohr & Paul Birken - Lo-Fi Shizzy; 2003
Pig & Dan And Mark Reeve - Turbulence/Violets (01) Turbulence; beddigi-20, 2012
Luka Baumann - The Bigger Picture (B2) Volvere; arms016, 2009
Johannes Heil - Heilstyle (C2) Operation Strange; ka68, 2002
Inigo Kennedy - Fearless Devices (03) Grain Feeder; mak19, 2009
Go Hiyama - Two From 20 Latter Halfs (B1) Machine For Rest (Diabla Diezco Remix); aar025, 2007
Dead Sound & Videohead - Murder (03) Scrape It Off The Floor; tptdigi055, 2012
Exium - 1996/Nothing To Prove (A) 1996; wu025, 2010
Siege - Damage Strategy Pt1 (02) Counter Strike; labd136a, 2012
The 65D Mavericks - The Estrangement Of The Past (AA) Surgeon Remix; sfltd003, 2013
Modern Heads - Dax (B2) Moddax; sa007, 2010
Audio Injection - Darker (B3) Darker (Shifted Rework); pp036, 2012
British Murder Boys - Where Pail Limbs Lie (B) In Another Country; ltech002, 2012
Ducerey Ada Nexino - Summoning Sequence/Guide (B2) Guide (Exium Remix); genesa001v, 2012
Grovskopa - Luscious Apparatus (B2) Built Then Burnt; wu015, 2006
Anstam - Cree (A); a-ms03, 2009
Benjamin Damage - Heliosphere (B2) Extrusion; 50weaponslp12, 2013
Radiohead - TKOL RMX7 (B) Lotus Flower (Sbtrkt RMX); tick009, 2011
Redshape - The Dance Paradox (A2) Garage GT; 80dsr/rds-lp1, 2009
Raidho - Sealm Ond Faer (02) Circul; rune005d, 2012
Yuka - Little Chemistry (A2) Chlorum; fp019, 2012


Monday, 21 January 2013

FROMM best of 2012 chart

deadbeat - eight (blkrtz)
terrence dixon - from the far future pt. 2 (tresor)
shed - the killer (50weapons)
vatican shadow - kneel before religious icons (type)
vladislav delay - kuopio (raster-noton)
silent servant - negative fascination (hospital productions)
legowelt - the paranormal soul (clone jack for daze series)
scuba - personality (hotflush recordings)
groof - reality fails (warm up recordings)
s_w_z_k - s_w_z_k (tresor)

the traveller - a100 (ostgut ton)
ruskin & broom - bites (blueprint)
francesco baudazzi - the black nobility of venice and genoa (surface ltd)
positive merge - closing of the season (monochrome audio)
fit featuring gunnar wendel - enter the fog (fxhe records)
diamond version - ep1 (mute)
fishermen - fishermen (skudge white)
pete swanson - pro style (type)
va - the structure ep (injected poison records)
shadows - where there is only light (avian)

the gaslamp killer - breakthrough (brainfeeder)
chymera - death by misadventure (connaisseur recordings)
x-tg - desertshore/the final report (industrial records)
as if - faraway trees standing still (gterma)
blind summit - held on the weight of whispers (singularity recordings)
36 - hypersona (3six recordings)
charlatan - isolatarium (type)
sowing paranoia - research music lab (silent season)
va - so click heels (downwards)
va - stellate series (stroboscopic artefacts)
jan bang, erik honore - uncommon deities (samadhisound)

tuff city kids - bobby tacker (unterton)
marco bernardi - the burning love ensemble (royal oak)
nomeansno - butchering the sacred cow (self-released)
old apparatus - derren (sullen tone)
letherette - featurette (ninja tune)
tropic of cancer - i feel nothing (sleeperhold publications)
barnt - is this what they were born for? (magazine)
seawash - pantomime (delsin)
ike yard - regis/monoton versions (blackest ever black)
mogwai - les revenants (rock action records)

old apparatus




Monday, 10 December 2012

mix - Porno For Pyros Pt.1 (2012)

the first in a three-part series to be completed in the near future.

just some stuff i really like. from to rococo rot to thom yorke, from tim exile to ten madison, and everything in between. no tracklist.


upon completion of series, a limited number of lossless hardcopies will be made available for free of charge, together with some very original artwork and packaging, and full tracklists.



mix - @Pitch Black, Prague, CZ (29.09.2012)



evan caminiti - dreamless sleep (b3) becoming pure light
possession - the thin, white arms (a1) distortion
deadbeat - eight (f) horns of jericho
lodbrok - feukt call (b2) oil (and remix)
shifted - control (a1) control
reeko - ella episodio 1 (a) segmento 1
the black dog - liber kult book 1 ov 3 (aa) bass mantra
developer - revisited (07) corridor
siege - black hollow (01) manuoevre
advanced human - boiler (a1) original mix
coefficient - curvature (02) intrinsic vector (part 2)
grovskopa - mika et al (a1) ragnarok
modeselektor - modeselektion vol.02 ep (a) maik the chicken
basic channel - phylyps trak ii (a) phylyps trak ii/i
advanced human - boiler (b2) forward strategy group remix
substance & vainqueur - remixes chapter 1 (b) immersion (sleeparchive remix)
hagalaz - maerc deorc mona (01) dael 1
l.s.g. - cellular the mixes (b2) max reich old time mix
developer - orgins (a1) take the key
joey beltram - the start it up remix (b) technasia remix
robert hood - obey/resurrection (a) obey
ignacio - sikora (a) sikora
shifted - crossed paths (d1) lexis
surgeon - klonk (b1)
sikora - holzwurm (a) tribalizer
ch-signal laboratories (8003 lucerne) - hypnotica scale (b) scale 2
developer - programma (a2) programma (truncate remix)
dadub - collateral various artists selection iii (04) groove insomnia
radiohead - tkol rmx6 (a) good evening mrs magpie (modeselektor rmx)
the black dog - liber chaos book ov aiwass (b1) black chamber order (blawan remix)
laurie anderson - big science (b1) o superman (for massenet)
aleksi perala - boom blaster (03) longing
violetshaped - the remixes part 1 (b1) delusory parasitosis (vatican shadow remix)
scanone - andromeda (a2) adj remix
alpha code - zeitgeist 0.0 (04) zeitgeist 0.4
silent servant - negative fascination (a2) invocation of lust
planetary assault systems - simulated usage/mod (b) mod
darqwan - said the spider/flashing light (a) said the spider (surgeon remix)
blawan - his he she &she (a1) why they hide their bodies under my garage?
surgeon - floorshow part ii (b1)
redshape - 2010 (a) 2010
o/v - substance vol. 1 (b) kes
jeroen liebregts - killer door (a2) donau
modeselektor - 50 weapons of choice #2-9 (a1) art & cash (sbtrkt remix)
monolake - alaska remixes (a) surgeon remix
tiga - gentle giant remixes (a1) martyn's heaven remix
evan caminiti - dreamless sleep (a2) bright midnight


mix - @LED & Prijatelji, Karlovac (25.08.2012)



sigha - shake (b2) light swells (in a distant space)
future beat alliance - patience and distance (04) rant
carl craig & moritz von oswald - recomposed new mixes part 1 (aa) carl craig movement 8 (c2 version)
omar s - it can be done but only i can do it (08) it can be done but only i can do it
sterac - secret life of machines remastered & remixed (15) the secret life of machines (bonus beats)
alex o. smith - plesetsk cosmodrome (b2) skynet 2 b
truncate - contrasts (03) contrasts (santiago salazar remix)
byetone - death of a typographer (02) plastic star (session)
the black dog - detroit vs. sheffield (b1) train by the autobahn (robert hood's 8 mile remix)
direct - let it ride remix (a) let it ride (remix)
shiver - subsonic soundscape (a1) subsonic soundscape
morphosis - what have we learned (b1) wild in captivity
daniela stickroth - the slot remix edition (02) giorgio gigli remix
luka baumann - emergence nine (a) boys will be boys (creme brulee)
planetary assault systems - planetary funk volume 5 (a) surface noise
santiago salazar - izalco/retiro (b) retiro
Ø [phase] - ryder's return/at first light (aa) at first light
delta funktionen - electromagnetic radiation part ii (b1) intruder
substance & vainqueur - emerge (b1) emerge 0 (edit)
omar s. - it can be done but only i can do it (01) solely supported
the fear ratio - light box (c2) morning blues
diamond version - technology at the speed of life/empowering change (02) empowering change
214 - fuzzy leash (b2) boiler plate
a made up sound - archive ii (a) hang up
matthias schaffhauser - collateral various artist selection ii (03) augmented fantasy
shed - the killer (d2) v1omfi/the killer
surgeon - force + form (a1) remnants of what once was: the hollow men
paul johnson - let me know (a2) ha ho ha
developer - revisited (a1) revisited
bryan zentz - equal/regent (a) equal
marmion - schoneberg 2010 (a) hell remix
jolka - five (b1) surgeon remix
planetary assault systems - booster surgeon remix (a) booster (surgeon remix)
delta funktionen - traces (d2) on a distant journey
hardfloor - you know the score (b1) boris divider remix
robert hood - omega (c1) the plague (cleansing maneuvers)