Monday, 27 April 2015

mix - @Breaking Point, G2 (27.02.2015)




autechre - amber (a1) foil
riotbot - battlefields (a1) battlefiels
polygon window - surfing on sine waves (b1) quoth
boss - kombucha (a)
kritical audio - elektronische unterhaltungsmusik 1 (a1) spandex
oliver ho - terra incognita remixes (a) oliver ho remix
kevin pearson - accomplices (b1) function remix
christian wunsch/rumenige/loktibrada - antidandruff 6.0 (a2) wunscharumbrada
Ø [phase] - frames of reference (d1) shadow caster
reeko - beautiful people (b1) wicked wind
surgeon - force + form remakes (a2) surgeon remake 2
kike pravda - the black infiltration (b1) warrior
barely human - my life has value (01) so called leaders
function - substance vol. 1 (a) montage
steve stoll - observer (a) original
archae & grovskopa - emergent properties (a2) choleric
substance & vainqueur - remixes chapter 1 (a1) emerge 1 (british murder boys remix 1)
james ruskin - solex mixes (b1) jet mix
unspecified enemies - multi ordinal tracking unit (a) multi ordinal tracking unit
technasia - genesis (a2) cyclone
thom yorke - the eraser rmxs iii (a1) the clock (surgeon remix)
sawf - unrhythm/sfika (b1) sfika (original mix)
british murder boys - all the saints have been hung (a1) all the saints have been hung
kyoudai itsumo - chapter seventeen: bloodshed (b1) of the flesh
paul bailey - relationship to authority (b1) informational illusion
Ø [phase] - binary opposition reprocessed part 2 (a) planetary assault systems process
makaton - beauty default (a) dom karin (noise version) + le tenia (irreversible mix)
makaton - ra ra replica (a2) night #1
claude young - the altamirian (b1) how is your dna? (marco bailey rework)
hiroaki iizuka - blue box (b1) vc7 (exium remix)
female - avon/cally remixes (b2) avon 2 (65d mavericks remix)
karenn - untitled (a) studio 3
blacknecks - 004 (a) to the cosmos, let's go!
Ø [phase] - subtext (a2) the dialogue
surgeon - force + form (a2) remnants of what once was: ice
hagalaz - maerc deorc mona (01) dael i
ctrls - users (a) incoming data
karl o'connor & peter sutton - againstnature (c1) guiltless
or & 2nd reality - scene one (b2) wftp
edge of motion - set up 707 (b1) set up 707
exium - parasites (a1) noisal
headless horseman - headless horseman 006 (a) sanctuary
surgeon - la real (a)
smear - export order (b1) boystown
rue east - indoor culture remixes - part 2 (a) birmingham (surgeon mix)
subsignal - mist (b1) channel (warehouse mix)
Ø [phase] - morodem (b) floor mix
pina - 10/11/12 (b2) cluster beacons


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