Monday, 10 December 2012

mix - @Nepokoreni Grad, Karlovac (23.06.2012)



chris clark - clarence park (b3) caveman lament
inigo kennedy - walls have fears (04) nocturnal
systemic - ascendant (b2) ascendant
xhin - untitled (a1) she's the disease
barker & baumecker - a murder of crows (b)
surgeon - compliance momentum (a) compliance momentum
puresque - vor leitmotiv (a) 001a
positive merge - closing of the season (a2) titan
forward strategy group - labour division (03) elegant mistakes
reeko - submitted to involuntary treatment (d2) diamond light
oscar mulero - horses (a) like a wolf
cosmin trg - simulat (a1) amor y otros
perc - wicker & steel (07) london, we have you surrounded
3st vs dash - it's not over (2-11) outbound
pressure funk - twisted funk (a3) raw spirit (remix)
Ø [phase] - morodem (b) floor mix
ignacio - darkness/humana-ised (b) humana-ised
grovskopa - sex & violins (a) original mix
john daly - sea & sky (07) exp 3 (aka 2 sequencers are better than one)
surgeon - breaking the frame (b2) radiance
o/v - substance vol. 2 (a1) kes (oscar mulero remix)
alter ego - alterism (05) cryonics (alter ego elektrafixion)
coefficient - field transitions (a) scale invariant spectrum
gaetek - techcommunity 4 kosovo (05) concept k
inigo kennedy - identify yourself (b2) the territory
miller & keane - breaking earths atmosphere (b2) dark day on mercury
bas mooy - mosaic of sleepless nights (b1) scars
alexander johansson - dementia praecox (03) the disease
inigo kennedy - revenge (02) revenge (blawan remix)
surgeon - force + form remakes (a2) surgeon remake 2
james ruskin - prevention beyond cause (b1)
surgeon - diametric (a)
the kooky scientist - unpopular science (02) old vs. neau
alter ego - alterism (01) lycra (planetary assault systems dinosaur mix)
surgeon - british murder boys (a) death before surrender
untold - stereo freeze (a) stereo freeze
lakker - arc (b1) arc
planetary assault systems - the messenger (09) rip the cut
abstract division - form and function pt. 3 (b1) deformation (norman nodge remix)
ian pooley - the allnighter/calypso ep's (07) the allnighter (junior 'o' relentless mix)
les rythmes digitales - darkdancer (e) mdc vendredi


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