Monday, 10 December 2012

mix - @Edit:Tehno 5yrs Armatura Records, Belgrade (27.07.2012)



james ruskin - transfer (a) kero remix
ryuji takeuchi - emotion (02) bark
electric deluxe - electric deluxe (aa2) glitch2
exium - the supremist (b2) supremist
luis ruiz - event horizon (04) horizonte de sucesos
philip row - pulsar a127 (01) toyler
sev dah - divide et impera (b2) premium
untold - kingdom (b1) purify
humanleft - arnaud & bernard/zeppelin (a) arnaud & bernard
ugandan methods - sixth method (a) beneath the black arch
advanced human - boiler (02) inigo kennedy remix v1
Ø [phase] - binary opposition (b) process 2
oscar mulero - 1996/nothing to prove (b) nothing to prove
james ruskin - further design (a2) indirect world
ales digre - psychedelic distortion (b) sync grey
death abyss - voudou nation (01) the magic of defiance
distance - headstrung/no sunshine (aa) no sunshine
john creamer & stephane k - forget the world (b3) forget the accapella (edit)
female - advanced bossa remixes (a1) backlash (female edit)
exium - aurea (b2) seeking perfection part/2
shufflemaster - exp (d2) innervisions
surgeon - la real (a)
surgeon - midnight club tracks ii (a)
recyclopaedia eclectronica - earrisistible (a) rock the discotheque
sev dah - saint of the cave (b2) grovskopa remix
agony forces - fear is a prison (02) radiant
go hiyama - arc00 (01) lecor/w
agony forces - traditions (b1) traditions (victor martinez rework)
oscar mulero - black propaganda (b2) to convince for the untruth
james ruskin - end to the known (a1) before sunset
oneohtrix point never - dog in the fog (03) remember (surgeon remix)
xhin - the realm (a1) elliptic


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