Monday, 10 December 2012

mix - @Beat Svega, Stari Grad Dubovac (09.04.2011)



the great traitor - the great traitor (a) original
bas mooy - mosaic of sleepless nights (a1) warsaw
monolake - momentum (02) linear
plastikman - musik (04) fuk
makaton - vale_tudo (a) 41-43
svreca - obscur (b2) ss10
regis - penetration (d1) penetration
ancient methods - fifth method (b2)
fanon flowers - artic (a) artic
damon wild - avion (a) avion
marco carola - diapason (a) diapason
james ruskin - definition of (a)
museum - madame remixed (03) boss remix
phuture - acid tracks (b2) your only friend
hell vs. richard bartz - take a shot/break the rulez (a) take a shot
unspecified enemies - multi ordinal tracking unit (a) multi ordinal tracking unit
leftfield - rhythm and stealth (a2) phat planet
heiko laux - matter anthem (b2) apathism remix
regis & ian j. richardson - untergang (b) untergang 2
monolake - cern white_ii (a) cern
james ruskin - correction centre (a)
jeff mills - growth (b2) humana
regis - delivered into the hands of indifference (d1) escape from yourself
Ø [phase] - mass (a) mass
the 65d mavericks - substance vol. 2 (b2) the murdoch effect
planetary assault systems - temporary suspension (a) x speaks to x
petar dundov - sparkling stars (a) sparkling stars
victor martinez - lessons on emptiness (b1) lessons on emptiness
underground resistance - the seawolf (a) the seawolf
pressure funk - twisted funk (a2) pressure theme
luke slater - body freefall, electronic inform #1 (b) slater's needle damage mix
morganistic - fluids amniotic (c2) marbles
technasia - the declamation (a2) future mix
robert hood - alpha/omega (end times) (a) alpha
lucy - beelines for working bees (b2) eon (truss remix)
forward strategy group - combat codes (a) code #1
asagaoaudio - black widow (01) black widow
go hiyama - residual set (b1) bas mooy remix
ludy and xhin - lx2/lx3 (a) lx2
reeko - sangre (b2)
british murder boys - fist/splinter (aa) splinter
radial - palicavonzvreca 07 (a2) dynamo
oscar mulero - grey fades to green (a2) the grey - taken the wrong way
jeroen liebregts - dinner 02 (b1) dondernacht
christian wunsch - el unico enemigo (b)
go hiyama - realization (b2) feeling
radial - beton (b2) beton (takaaki itoh remix)
jolka - five (a) original
hertz - lost (b) once again
loktibrada - untitled remixes (a) regis remix
exium - parasites (a1) noisal
marco carola - essence (a) immersion
reeko - seleccion natural parte 1 (b2) oscar mulero remix
deadbeat - roots and wire (b1) grounation (berghain drum jack)
takaaki itoh - key in the stomach (b1) like you said (rumenige & loktibrada rmx)
voidloss - moment of total emptiness (b2) moment of total emptiness (a. paul's mondadic remix)
vladik pokraev - el unico enemigo (a2)
kike pravda - ghost (a) fear is the enemy (oscar mulero remix)
reeko - between ourselves (b1) the woman of black glove
regis - exercise for institutions (a) her surrender
fran hartnett - it was written in vapour (e) picture of a thousand tones
arrestar - prayer (01) original mix
oscar mulero - grey fades to green (g2) the green - grey fades to green


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